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    Home Decor Wall Mural (Custom wallpaper printing). Customer is available personal photo and designs for wallpaper. and we offer a huge selection of wall murals in every category.
    If you want any image  for custom wallpaper, please inquire about the design theme. We can find any designs in our image stock (except website images) and show various similar
    images for custom wall mural. We provide installation service too as extra service option. (inquiry:

   Processing an order for Wall Mural

   1. Selection of a design for wallpaper printing (personal photo, custom design available)
   2. Take measurement: Customer can take measure wall dimension (width x height) by tape line easily.
       - Self-measurement is acceptable because wall mural comes out with extra space by 5cm each for all 4 directions for safe installation.
       - Our measurement and on-site inspection service available available as extra service.
   3. Request quotation by e-mail (
   4. We will offer printing artwork according to wall dimension.
   5. After confirmation for printing artwork, payment mode (PayPal link or Bank transferring) will be issued for an order.
   6. Contact to the customer for appointment of installation service after completion of mural product.
   7. Installation will be done within 6~8 business days after payment.
       - In case of self installation (D.I.Y) for small size, we provide glue, tools of the installation for free.

   Features of Wall mural

   1. Non-toxic, eco-friendly material (Korean LG chemical brand) * No China product.
   2. Latex printing, water based ink for vivid color and protection from discoloration.
   3. Lamination (hot and cold coating) on surface for long lasting
   4. Material options :
      - Luxury silk wallpaper : for home interior, hotel, office
      - PVC wall decal sticker : for exterior or event, exhibition
   5. Fast and clean installation. Credible finishing treatment by skilled installers.
   6. Safe payment system (PayPal by credit card or debit card) to protect a payment until customer get completed services.

          Nature Wall Murals

(Get Stated, Gallery for 1,000 designs)
sea and beach wall mural

woods and forest wall mural

Flower wall mural

sky and landscape wall mural

(Sky / Landscape)
Animal wall mural

Nature wall mural


          City / Life Style Wall Murals (custom wallpaper printing)

(Get Stated, Gallery for 1,000 designs)
city wall mural

(City View)
world nation wall mural

sports wall mural

(Leisure Sports)
culture wall mural

(Musical / Culture )
shop and restaurant wall mural

(for Shop)
woman wall mural

(Love / Woman)

          Art / Illustration Wall Murals (custom wallpaper printing)

(Get Stated, Gallery for 1,000 designs)
art wall mural

(Art Pattern)
brick wall mural

(Wall and Bricks)
painting and illustration wall mural

(Sketch / Painting)
Mono colors wall mural

(Mono tone / colors)
modern wall mural

(Modern & Simple)
typography wall mural

(Typography / Graphic)

          Kids Room Wall Murals (custom wallpaper printing)

(Get Stated, Gallery for 1,000 designs)
nursery wall mural - for baby girl

nursery wall mural - for baby boy

kidd room wall mural

educational wall mural

(Animation Characters)
kindergarten wall mural

(into Fairy tale)
world map wall mural


          Custom Wall Murals (wallpaper printing)

                                               (Get Stated)
baby photo wall mural printing

personalized wall mural printing

wedding photo wall mural printing

Family photo wall mural printing

personal photo wall mural printing

(Personal photo)
company wall mural printing

(for Business)

 ( Singapore )   
Mon ~ Sat
AM 10:00 ~ PM 06:00

      Wallpaper : 4~5 business days
      Wall Mural : 5~9 business days
      Express service available as extra
      option (3~4 days)
   Wallpaper : available at extra charge
   Wall mural : available at extra charge
   Wall Decal : DIY self- installation
   Roller Screen : DIY self-installation

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