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          Customized Wall Sticker Printing Singapore : Large format wall stickers

           Custom (PVC self-adhesive) wall sticker printing service with design and installation services.
           Quality latex printing with 8 colors UV ink on Korea brand sticker material for premium large format wall stickers.
           Various application for interior and exterior (office, shop, school, hospital, home, window and outdoor advertising)
           Custom shape die-cut, window stickers available. * Quotation and Inquiry for wall sticker printing :

      Application Wall Sticker (Design and installation service available)


(Shop, Window sticker)

(School, Institute)

(Office, home)

(Large format, Outdoor)

       Easy Installation Wall Sticker (Design and installation service available)

wall sticker installation 1

1. Take off film on back and stick on a wall
        wall sticker installation 2

2. Push by push-bar
       wall sticker installation 3

3. connect end to end of wall stickers.

        In case of glass or window sticker : before installation, spray water on glass with a sprayer to make easy the application.                                                                                       

Order Process (for Large format custom wall sticker printing and installation)
          1. Design selection (custom / personal design or photo images) * Design service available.
          2. Measurement wall size by tape-line. (Large format wall sticker available)
          3. Request quotation with printing requirements * email : 
          4. We provide printing artwork for customer's confirmation in advance.
          5. After approval of final artwork, we issue payment mode (by PayPal or Bank transfer) 
          6. Production of custom wall stickers and delivery by courier service
          7. D.I.Y installation ( with push-stick only) * Installation service available 
with extra charge.

Ready Wall Stickers Gallery (Get Started)

ready made wall stickers 1 ready made wall stickers 2 ready made wall stickers 3 ready made wall stickers 4 ready made wall stickers 5 ready made wall stickers 6

        Designs of ready-made wall stickers (Korea Brand) : Wood, Brick, Tile, Marble, Glossy color, Pattern Art etc.



 ( Singapore )   
Mon ~ Sat
AM 10:00 ~ PM 06:00

      Wall Sticker : 6~7 business days
      Wall Mural : 6~7 business days
      Express service available as extra
      option (3~4 days)
   Wallpaper : available at extra charge
   Wall mural : available at extra charge
   Wall sticker : available at extra charge
   Wall decal : DIY self-installation

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