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nursery wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal
kids wall decal

1. Easy to install and make atmosphere of refinement for a interior.
    - DIY installation only
    - Easy to install and to take it off in person.
    - No need special glue and installer for applying.
    - Large wall decal need to install by 2 persons.
    - It is difficult to apply on a rough surface such as cement or wood.
    - No mark when take off a wall sticker on coated wall or glass.

2. Premium decal material (Korean brand wall decals in Singapore)
     Eco-friendly PVC Premium wall decals

3. Customization (custom wall decal printing available)
     Fixed size in wall decal gallery. Custom size and personal design unavailable

4. Notice
    - The image and color of the wall decals may vary from the original resolution due to differing monitor colours,
      the outcome might not be exactly the same as seen on customer's screen.
    - Wall decals are unavailable re-use.
    - Some of goods can be out of stock. Please inquire us in advance.

4. Payment : 100% pre-payment for online order
    PayPal (by VISA/Master) or Bank transfer, Western Union etc.

5. Lead time :
   1) by Standard courier : around 5~7 business days including delivery after payment.
   2) Express courier service available (2~3 business days) as extra service.

* Any image, Custom design available for custom wallpaper.
   If you want another image or personal design, please inquire about your requirements by email (

  For further inquiry and quotation, please let us know anytime by e-mail ( )


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