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 * Window Blinds (Wall Decor)

Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration
Window Blind : wall decoration



1. Top-quality window blinds / Wood blinds with strong parts in Singapore.

2. Payment : PayPal (by VISA/Master) or Bank transfer, Western Union etc.

3. Lead time :
   1) by standard courier : around 6~8 business days including delivery after payment.
   2) Express courier service available (3~4 business days) as extra service.

5. Installation of window blind
    D.I.Y. self installation (easy and simple).

6. Enquiry, Quotation for window blind order
    Please email to

  For further inquiry and quotation for wood blinds, please let us know anytime by e-mail ( )


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